Craputantes' Ball

Whilst looking for a photo of the much derided Kevin Warsh, I came across this link of Washington's great and good hobnobbing at the Bloomberg Party in 2004.


I'm well aware of the phenomenon of a debutantes' ball, and likewise, anyone who hasn't noticed socialite Paris Hilton and her ilk the last few years must have been living in a cave on the Pakistani border, but I had never come across the term 'Celebutante' before. Apparently this relates to rich young things, typically women, who will become famous for simply showing up to champagne infused parties or filming themselves partaking in drug fuelled sexual activity.

This Bloomberg party lot are a fine example of the type of people that no court in the world would convict you if you were charged with assaulting them. Prince Wenceslas and Adriana Lima appear to have had an operation to turn them into toothy siamese twins, and David Lauren and his date Karolina Kurkova are proof of the old adage that "there's no such thing as an ugly rich bloke". Poor Vanessa Kerry seems to have inherited her father's jaw and ever resourceful, has fashioned an outfit out of one of his old uniforms. Meanwhile, Chloe Malle has the look of a teenager who can't believe that she's out in public with her mother, Candace Bergen. Anyhow, enough bitching...as they say, "Like, whatever."

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