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Feelin' the Bern in Vista!

Following just one day after Bernie Sanders' enormous rally in southern San Diego County's National City, Bernie headed to north San Diego County's city of Vista. 

Arriving at 11am, 2 hours before showtime, the line stretched for more than a half mile all the way down Longhorn Drive and around the corner onto Shadowridge.

In addition to Secret Service and local sheriff deputies, security was handled by TSA pervs. But they didn't touch my junk.

The crowd was pretty big, filling most of the football field and the home side bleachers.  It was mostly young, with a few older hippies mixed in.

This girl is an actress named Shailene Woodley.  She's not known for her brains.  She told us that the establishment doesn't want us to conform, and "conformity takes independent thinking."

Bernie was a dynamic speaker, even to a guy like me, who wasn't buying everything Bernie was selling.

The good: ending the war on drugs, reforming the criminal justice system, stopping the global military empire, calling out Hillary's fealty to Wall Street.

The bad: $15 national minimum wage, solving every problem with a new federal program and more federal involvement in every aspect of economic life.  The math behind replacing Obamacare with "Medicare for all."  Threatening to rule by Obama-style executive order (specifically on amnesty).

The ugly: Bernie repeatedly mentioned the student debt problem, but didn't get that the problem is a federally-financed tuition bubble and bloated school administrations with outrageous pay, perks and pensions.  Or maybe he does get it but that's his base.  Anyway, he didn't want to fix the tuition bubble but instead wanted to give everyone free tuition paid for by a tax on Wall Street. I don't think a financial transaction tax would generate anywhere near the revenue he thinks it would, but math seems to be a secondary concern.

Here's Bernie talking about Hillary's Goldman Sachs speeches, then going into school debt:

Video of full speech here.

After more than an hour speaking, Bernie received wild cheers and shook hands like a rock star as he left the stage.

Bernie certainly has the enthusiasm on his side.  Hillary voters are in "hold your nose" mode at best.  But the numbers look tough for Bernie in California unless the polls are completely underestimating his ability to bring out new voters.

San Diego Smackdown! Sanders crowd 10,000; Bill Clinton "hundreds"

San Diego is Feeling the Bern!

In just one of two local appearances this weekend, Bernie Sanders drew a huge crowd:
“I’m running for president because we are going to create an economy that works for all of us not just wealthy campaign contributors,” Sanders said at yet another of his massive rallies, this one in Kimball Park with a crowd estimated at 10,000.
Across town "big dog" Bill Clinton drew "hundreds":
Bill Clinton told hundreds of people in the Bonita Vista High School gym — and hundreds more in an outdoor overflow area where his comments were piped in — that they needed to help deliver a big win and the necessary delegates to allow Hillary Clinton to clinch the nomination before the summer Democratic convention in Philadelphia.
Sanders is expected to draw thousands again today in northern San Diego County at Vista's Rancho Buena Vista High School.

Make America Orange! Trump - Mozilo 2016

Marc Mezvinsky loses 90% of client assets betting on Greece

I've got a good idea. Why don't we give Hillary's silver spoon douchebag son-in-law 2%-and-20% and he'll invest our money in Greece! What could go wrong?

Chelsea Clinton’s Husband Closing Hedge Fund After Losing 90 Percent Of Its Money

Investors would have got a better payback if they'd donated to the Clinton Foundation instead.

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh?

Quebec government workers love Celine Dion's "Take a Kayak"

Who can blame them for seeking one of comedy's all-time greatest hits?

Full transcript, and link to hilarious video, here.

Trump is John Roberts' fault

Roberts essentially told would-be Trumpistas not to bother the courts with important issues, that if you want to beat Obama you have to get your own strongman—complete with pen, phone, and contempt for the Constitution.

Drudge for the Win!

Cronyism has its rewards

Douche Bank proposes wealth tax in wake of failed QE experiment

Douche Bank:
It is becoming increasingly clear to us that the level of yields at which credit expansion in Europe and Japan will pick up in earnest is probably negative, and substantially so. Therefore, the ECB and BoJ should move more strongly toward penalizing savings via negative retail deposit rates or perhaps wealth taxes.
In this time of extreme and despotic central bank policy, astute readers may note that gold buried in the backyard or held in Singapore safe deposit is immune to both negative interest rates and wealth taxes.

In defense of The Jungle Book

KT Cat writes of the new Jungle Book moral:
Pray to the nature gods, children. Beg forgiveness for the sins of your white, patriarchal ancestors who are destroying the Earth. Repent and discard the evil, rapacious ways of the past or face the desert hell of Global Warming Climate Change Species Extinction whatever we can throw at you to show you images of damnation created by the encroachment of Western Man onto the primitive Eden of nature.
I went to see the Jungle Book with a young Disney shareholder and quite enjoyed it.  I don't think you have to be a leftist or anti-capitalist to be concerned with man's impact on natural ecosystems.  The lore of elephants as creator-gods was similar to cultural beliefs of primitive people around the world, and I didn't find it offensive.

But go check out Disney's other current hit, Zootopia.  The villains are government agents who use murder and deceit to turn the people against each other and maintain power.  Now that's a message kids need to hear!

Too much information

Apple puts one in the stink

And the muppets get a Goldman Shower.
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