What a bunch of morons

Apple is not the computer of choice for the vast majority of businesses or businesspeople. No, Apple is the hip, counter-cultural alternative for creative types.

Until now. In one of the dumbest business moves in history, Apple is destroying its carefully crafted hipster image by suing a teenage blogger for writing about it. Exit Jack Kerouac. Enter Joseph McCarthy.

Civil libertarians, exactly Apple's target market, are not going to like this. Will Microsoft and Intel become the default choice of the anti-fascists?

UPDATE: Brian Schiau comments below, and has a more detailed post on his blog.

My response:

Thanks for your comments on my blog. You raise some good points, but I still think Apple is going to lose this case rather than get a settlement.

You write about ThinkSecret actively soliciting confidential information. I don't think this is any different from mainstream reporters seeking out sources, even when they know the sources are not supposed to reveal information. The entire industry of investigative journalism was founded on people giving up the goods on secretive issues.

Legally, I don't think the court will rule that mainstream journalists have special rights that individual bloggers don't have. Where would they draw the line? Is Kaus a mainstream journalist because Slate is now owned by a big media company? Does $1000/month in blog ads make you a professional journalist? What about journalists for free, alternative dead tree weekly rags in many U.S. cities? Are they more worthy of journalistic freedom than some bloggers? Some people in both groups do amazing journalism.


Brian Shiau said…
Your blog was linked on the Yahoo! Messageboard for Apple Stock.

First I'd like to say you make good points and I love reading fellow libertarians.

I agree that suing Nick is not a great PR move for Apple but its also important that they stop product leaks. What makes Apple unique and successful is its unique product plans. ThinkSecret.com does openly solicit insiders to spill the "secrets." I enjoy reading rumor sites and I think they are a positive community for Apple, but they have to draw the line somewhere. Unfortunately for us, they have to draw the line when rumor sites are correct. You can read my full comments on brianshiau.blogspot.com.