Subprime Loses Aren't Quite Over Yet

I would like to thank the writers at the Wall Street Journal for updating the population on today's mortgage lending and associated debt status. The "sub prime loses aren't quite over yet." Sort of like saying hurricane Katrina is not quite finished 7 days before it hits New Orleans: sort of like saying 5 seconds into the Loma Prieta earthquake that it's not quite over yet: sort of like saying the terrorist acts of 9/11, before anything happened, is not quite over yet. In the realm of understatement and prevention of population panic, this is high on the list.

Aren't Quite

As a number of sites have pointed out, the majority of sub prime resets have occurred in October and will occur next March. By the time that all shakes out, "aren't quite" will mean "we's just getting fired up here brothers"......

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