Partisanship over perverts

On Friday, when discussing with friends the San Diego Democratic Party's support for well-known creep and serial sexual harasser Mayor Bob Filner, I commented, "The only thing worse than a slimeball creep to a Dem voter is a Republican."

And now we have confirmation of that point from one of the victims.
She said the mayor did this to many women, and many people knew about it.

“It’s one of the worst kept secrets in town,” Woman One said. "Everyone in the power structure knew this,” she said of people in local government.

"I heard more than once, that people would rather have a single man in office that disrespects women, than a man in office ... representing an entire party that disrespects women," she said.
Women Democrats have so bought into the Democrat / mainstream media (but I repeat myself) canard about a Republican "war on women" that they actually supported and worked for a creepy old serial sex abuser over young, socially liberal, gay Republican Carl DeMaio.

The same thing happens with African-American voters. Joe Biden tells a black audience, "they [Republicans] gonna put y'all back in chains," and the media push the false storyline about voter ID being a Republican ruse to disenfranchise black voters. And despite the horrible, destructive effect of Democratic policies on the African-American community, blacks continue to vote overwhelmingly for the party of 19th century slavery, 20th century segregation, and 21st century multi-generational welfare dependency.

Democracy can't survive with such a corrupt, partisan, homogeneous news media.

See also The Collaboration of the Fourth Estate.


K T Cat said...

What if it's not the media? What if it's the gradual acceptance of this kind of behavior? See also: Spitzer, Weiner, Gay Pride parade costumes, etc.

So he was overtly sexual. What's the big deal? Are you some kind of prude?

W.C. Varones said...

I think that's true for consensual pervs like Weiner and Spitzer.

But I don't sense anyone getting more tolerant for non-consensual harassers or assaulters like Filner.

Check out Donny Frye blowing a gasket at yesterday's press conference if you have any doubt.

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