Jerry Brown's Body Count

This is the kind of "non-violent" offender that California Governor Jerry Brown releases early from prison in his "prisoner realignment" program:
Los Angeles police are investigating potential links between the kidnapping of a teenage girl who was doused with flammable liquid and two other South L.A. attacks that left two women and a 1-year-old boy dead.

The suspect, Robert Ransom Jr., 30, has been charged with nine felony counts related to the attack on the 16-year-old, including rape, attempted murder, kidnapping and assault, according to a complaint filed by the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.


A week after the kidnapping, the LAPD said Ransom -- who has previous felony convictions for robbery, assault and being a felon in possession with a firearm -- was arrested on a parole violation.
He was released early as a non-violent offender because his most recent prison term was only for possession of a firearm by a felon.

In possibly related news, another serial killer may have appeared in the Mt. Tamalpais area of Marin County north of San Francisco.


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Since we're not willing to the make cultural changes necessary to reduce the crime rate, we might as well get on with the task of building more prisons.

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