CBO: Omnibus to blow out 2016 deficit by additional $158 billion

So if fiscal responsibility is out the window, what do Republicans still stand for?  The one "win" they claim in the wretched Omnibus is an end to the oil export ban, which is certainly good for Big Oil but doesn't help middle class taxpayers or justify a huge increase to the deficit.

Read the numbers in the CBO analysis here.  The numbers beyond 2016 are a complete fiction because they assume Congress won't keep extending the tax breaks and giveaways that they always extend.

That's a 38% increase in the deficit over the CBO's August estimate of $414 billion.

I can't pin this all on Paul Ryan.  Congressional Republicans as a group are more concerned about serving big business special interests than fixing the spending problem or listening to voters.  A majority of Congressional Republicans voted for this bill, and should be voted out of office.

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