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That's anyone who went to college the past 15 years


Bye-ku for Jeb!

My name's Jeb! Am I
A low-energy loser?
I don't know. Please clap.

News from the most recent community re-organized by Obama

Political chaos in Libya has allowed the Islamic State to expand across the northern coast of the oil-rich North African country, which is just across the Mediterranean from Italy and has also become a major conduit for African migrants heading to Europe. IS controls the central city of Sirte and a number of oil installations.

Adding to the concern in Washington and Europe is evidence that the number of Islamic State fighters in Libya is increasing — now believed to be about 5,000 — even as the group's numbers in Syria and Iraq are shrinking.Heckuva job, Barry!

Our man Trent Digmore does Frontier a solid

Trent DigmoreIt's pretty clear that desk agents in Las Vegas are stealing from the company based on an interaction my houseguest had today. That is all. Like · Reply · 18 hrs · Edited Frontier AirlinesWe appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Please email us details so we can share this with the management team. Stealing is never okay.

Jose Canseco gets NIRP'd

Leading monetary scholar Jose Canseco opined this morning on Twitter:

Negative interest rates in Japan is blowing my mind — Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) February 4, 2016 Who is advising Japan? Forcing banks to lend all ¥ will not get 2% inflation. It creates loanees market with even lower rates. Dumb move — Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) February 4, 2016 Bank of Japan should call them willie wonka bonds "YOU GET NOTHING. yOU LOSE!" — Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) February 4, 2016
... which makes a lot of sense.  And, yes, "loanee" is a word.  Look it up.

Bloomberg TV reporter Joseph Weisenthal (who?) wanted some audience, so he asked Canseco to come on his show.

Ah-ha, Jose! And there is where Weisenthal has you! As you observed this morning, time is now negative money! Do the show!

Bye-ku for Rick Santorum

A frothy mixture
No recipe for success
So long, man on dog

QE is like herpes

Financial Times:
It is almost like having an illness that is not life threatening but can never be cured. It will not kill us, but we will have to live with it until we die.