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Greenspan's Body Count: Roy Kim

A 58-year-old taxi driver killed himself in his Queens home this month, marking the eight suicide in the taxi industry this year. The suicide was confirmed by the NYC Medical Examiner on Wednesday, just as the City Council passed bills to give counseling to taxi drivers facing financial and mental health issues.

The Medical Examiner confirmed Kim committed suicide in his Bayside home on November 5th, the Post reports, adding that "Kim, who had just purchased his taxi medallion last year, was more than $500,000 in debt from the deal and struggling to stay afloat." His friend, taxi driver Young Lee, told the tabloid, "He was in a lot of debt from that. For a while he was making money but then it just went slowly down and down and down. All drivers are really struggling."Greenspan's Body Count stands at 265.

Yes, Democrats will even lie about rape for political gain

Thanks, CNN and NY Times, for working these nutjobs into such a lather. on Judy Munro-Leighton,the woman who admitted lying about being raped by Brett Kavanaugh:

Displaying 1 - 22 of 22 records CategoryContributorOccupationDateAmountRecipientMoney to CandidatesMUNRO-LEIGHTON, JUDY

LOUISVILLE, KY 40204JEFFERSON COMMUNITY COLLEGE09-23-2004$250.00Mongiardo, Daniel (D)Money to CandidatesMUNRO-LEIGHTON, JUDY

LOUISVILLE, KY 40204NOT EMPLOYED10-04-2018$25.00Heitkamp, Heidi (D)Money to CandidatesMUNRO-LEIGHTON, JUDY

LOUISVILLE, KY 40204NOT EMPLOYED10-10-2018$25.00O'Rourke, Beto (D)Money to CandidatesMUNRO-LEIGHTON, JUDY