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Uber's cash furnace warms my heart

This is an awesome deal for consumers, heavily subsidized by those unicorn-chasing crackhead Silicon Valley investors.
You’ll pay your activation fee immediately, but your special pricing will stay active for 30 days (or until you use all your rides). Here’s the full list of fares. Don’t forget to add that activation fee of either $10 or $20 when doing your own math:Boston: $1.99 UberPool rides, $4.99 UberX rides
Chicago: $2.49 UberPool rides, $4.49 UberX rides
Los Angeles: $1.99 UberPool rides, $3.99 UberX rides
Miami: $1.99 UberPool rides, $4.99 UberX rides
New York City: $2.99 UberPool rides, $5.99 UberX rides
San Diego: $2.99 UberPool rides, $4.99 UberX rides
San Francisco: $2.49 UberPool rides, $4.99 UberX rides
Seattle: $2.49 UberPool rides, $4.49 UberX rides
Washington, D.C.: $2.49 UberPool rides, $4.49 UberX rides

The Guardian - Running Out of Other People's Money

I read the Guardian's soccer coverage because it is the best. ESPN used to have the best but right before the last World Cup they changed the format of their website to target 3rd graders and I don't read their website anymore. I want to READ articles not experience a multimedia extravaganza that requires that I scroll after reading every 3 lines. So I read the Guardian. Unfortunately they post popular links on the right of their soccer articles and I made the huge mistake of clicking on this piece of blatant racism.

Of course we have racist idiots everywhere, I shouldn't click on the Guardians filth because why do I care. But I did decide to comment in their comments page of that article. I put this:
Hey Guardian, this is why I ignore your online requests to support journalism. This is ignorant filth and while I love your football writers, I hate ignorant garbage like this. Sickening!
My comment was removed and going forward this is what I see when I try to make …

Fun English Rant

OMG, like this is like so perfect, right?

English is hard

CNBC is still hiring retarded Millenials to write its chyrons.

Math is hard (even for conservatives)

Former California state legislator Chuck DeVore:

UPDATE: OK, I guess he's right whether by accident or not. Murders are every year while legislator elections are generally not, and the same people are often re-elected while nobody is ever re-murdered.

Great Chicago Music Store Closing

If there is one thing that I've learned from this election it is that we need to be more inclusive and tolerant of those of differing views like those who are demanding equal rights. The problem is that all that demand for tolerance only regards their opinions. If one has an opinion that is different then they are not only wrong, they are enemies. If one supports a different political party then tolerance is unacceptable.

An email went out yesterday from the owner of an excellent music store in Chicago that is closing its doors because of an association with Trump.

To all our music loving customers and friends,

It is with a truly heavy heart that I must write this note to all of you who have shared this journey with my wife Suzzanne and I, to create and maintain a place for world music in Chicago.

First off, I want to thank you, and thank all of our amazing friends, musicians and customers that made this journey possible through your words and actions. Thank you for being our…

Let's talk Trannies...

And no, I don't mean the Transportation stocks. I'm referring to the latest social craze that is fighting for the cause of the transgender children of our country. You know, the folks that have say a 5 year old girl that might exhibit interest in Tonka trucks and the parents are off to find the hormone treatment required to turn little Sally into little Steve.

In our school system there seems to be extraordinary focus on the "inclusion" of transgender individuals. Don't get me wrong, I think everyone should be included but this cause seems to be garnering focus that might be above and beyond the other problems that exist in the schools today.

A very close relation of mine is a school teacher and administrator at a high school in one of our major cities. She has experienced this almost obsessive focus from other faculty members and administrators to "fix" the transgender inclusion "problem" but she sees so much more wrong with system tha…

Democrats Fall For Obvious GoFundMe Scam On Democratic Underground

OK first of all let me say HIII WCV readers! Long time no talk to. Still fighting the good fight here in Richmond/DC, and yes I voted for Gary Johnson so don't give me any shit about this Trump crap. Now that we got that out of the way...

These days, I'm slaving away at GoFraudMe calling out GoFundMe scams and let me tell you, this shit is crazy. They steal photos from Google, they pretend to have cancer, they even make their own kids sick to put up GoFundMes. It's crazy. I get it, the economy is fucked but why are you doing this.

Today we need to talk about these threads at Democratic Underground. Some pondscum abortion-gone-wrong decided he was going to scam the democrats over there and boy did he! To the tune of nearly $2000 before he got busted. GoFundMe has since refunded about half of that, but the scammer's page still shows $847 in donations.

Dude said his brother was a longtime DU user and got in a car accident. OMG the horror. Except that never happened. And h…