U.N. paying journalists?

Accuracy in Media charges the U.N. with buying favorable coverage from journalists via book deals and Soros- and Turner-funded awards.

I'm not surprised at all that:

1) the U.N. needs to stoop to tricks like this to boost its image
2) Ted Turner and George Soros would participate in a scheme like this
3) the U.N., the journalists involved, and Turner and Soros will soon come up with lame excuses explaining why their behavior is OK while Armstrong Williams was corrupt

What I am surprised about is that it took so long to come to light. Good work, Accuracy in Media!

I have criticized the U.N. and Turner before.

And before.

And before.

And before.

And before.

And before.

I ought to find another topic before someone thinks I'm a U.N.-basher. But those pious, child-raping, bribe-taking, dictator-loving, irrelevant know-it-alls are so rich with material!

HT: Polipundit

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