Is McCain Stupid?

...or just the perfect example of what is wrong with our "representative" government?

He spoke the other day at Carnegie Mellon University. He promised pretty much the same things all candidates promise. He did leave out any mention of the bible and the mighty JC which was very refreshing.

So I was reading his text and thinking, huh, how's that work, what, when I came across 2 paragraphs that exemplified him perfectly. He first said this:

"...And we must start with the subprime mortgage crisis, with the hundreds of thousands of citizens who played by the rules, yet now fear losing their houses. Under the HOME plan I have proposed, our government will offer these Americans direct and immediate help that can make all the difference: If you can't make your payments, and you're in danger of foreclosure, you will be able to go to any Post Office and pick up a form for a new HOME loan. In place of your flawed mortgage loan, you'll be eligible for a new, 30-year fixed-rate loan backed by the United States government. Citizens will keep their homes, lenders will cut their losses, and everyone will move on -- following the sounder practices that should have been observed in the first place."

Ok, so Mr. Reduce government is proposing that people who "played by the rules" are not held to those rules and the Government will pay for them to keep their homes. The people who lied about their income and got into loans they couldn't afford are now being given the chance to keep those homes? The Government is going to give them cheaper loans, WHILE I continue to rent and still priced out of a home because I am financially responsible? And the taxes I pay are going to back those loan?!?!

Ok that is just stupid and matches what the other 2 stupid candidates are saying. But it becomes insulting when he immediately follow up with:

"It's important as well to remember that the foolish risk-taking of lenders, investment banks, and others that led to these troubles don't reflect our free market as it should be working. In a free market, there must be transparency, accountability, and personal and corporate responsibility. The housing crisis came about because these standards collapsed -- and, as president, I intend to restore them."

In a Free Market?!?!.. "he will restore the transparency, accountability, and personal and corporate responsibility." He is going to have the US Government provide loans that could not be found in the Free Market to people who don't deserve the homes in the first place but support a Free Market. Um, ok...

Well I guess if you can call North Korea the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea then the US will be a Free Market under McCain.

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