What does the NAACP stand for?

This goes waaaay beyond stupid and oversensitive. This is so stupid it's like signs of the apocalypse stupid. The NAACP freaks out about a space-themed Hallmark card talking about black holes. They are sure it is a racist reference to "black whores."

What's worse? Hallmark panics and pulls the cards.


Contrary said…
That's to be expected from the National Association Against Caucasian People.
A few years ago the NAACP forced a Washington, DC school administrator to resign. His "crime". Using the word "niggardly". I read the sentence it appeared in. Niggardly was correctly used.

Negocios Loucos said…
The real travesty here is that this got a minute and a half of news coverage. This is not news, this is distraction!
what a bunch of stupid ass black holes.