Obama's unilateral amnesty declaration

Obama has, without a Congressional vote for amnesty, declared that he's going to stop deporting low-level illegal alien offenders.

These people cannot legally work here. So Obama wants to keep unemployable people here drawing welfare and food stamps and free health care and free schools.

I mean, it's not like the government's broke or anything, right?

I'm all for guest workers, but do it legally, and don't allow one unskilled agricultural or domestic worker to bring an entire family that will take tens of thousands of dollars in welfare, health care, and education services. Allow honest workers to apply for a permit to work here seasonally or year-round and send earnings back to their families back home. We cannot afford to provide tnes of thousands of dollars per family of first-class health care, education, and welfare in exchange for a little unskilled manual labor. We spend $30,000 per student for elementary education alone. No manual laborer's work can possibly justify that kind of tax expenditure.

More at Liberator Today.

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