Green Cars

Spending a little time in London I noticed that that failure of an Italian car company Chrysler offers a car with an MPG rating that blows away anything for sale in the United States. Check out the Ypsilon

Can someone please explain to me why this "green" administration, that is financing billions in Solyndra like failures, that bailed out Chrysler, doesn't insist that Chrysler provide the Ypsilon in the US. I mean if the government weren't involved at all do you think this car would be sold here? That would probably upset the gas companies though and we wouldn't want that...

Please ask your local Prius driving Democrat why cars that far exceed that battery box in efficiency aren't sold in the US. If we want to be green then we should have the option to purchase green cars don't you think?

Volvo has an equivalent.
I'd buy that car if it were available in the US.


lee iakookoo said...

Chrysler's numbers are dubious. Here's an online review where the guy manages to get around 36 mpg after driving 300 highway miles. (Starts around 2:10 in)


W.C. Varones said...

They're on the metric system.

That's 74.3 meters per gram.

Anonymous said...

You're trolling.

Especially since the guy says the top speed is "109 *miles* per hour", and "volume" isn't measured in grams.

Doo Doo Econ said...

The Flux Capacitor is illegal in America due to environmentalist objections to non-algea energy.

Happy Super Tuesday!