Soccer Racism Solution?

Not on our list of usual topics here but something that does exemplify the flaws of liberal solutions: solving racism in world soccer.

For those that aren't aware there are many folks in many stadiums throughout Europe who when a black player touches the ball they start shouting monkey chants. Completely infantile and moronic but it really pisses a lot of black players off to the point that they even just get up and leave the field. For example the monkey chants were so horrific, so evil that Ghanian midfielder Kevin Prince Boateng of AC Milan kicked the ball into the stands and the walked off the field with his team in tow here. HAH! Have that evil racists!

Sensing a little bit of snarkiness in my narrative? Oh, it's there. Why? Because the best way to treat ignorant, neanderthal racists, who as a Constitutionalist I do support their right to vocalize monkey chants, is to not react at all and instead do what New Jersey born American Jozy Altidore did while playing in Holland for AZ Alkmaar when the opposing fans started doing the same thing to him. Ignore and kick the crap out of the opposing team. AZ beat Den Bosch 5-0 and when the ref went to stop the game because of the racist "abuse", Jozy replied, no no, we're playing well, we're professionals and our job is soccer. He went on:
"It's a bit disappointing that these things still happen in this time we're in but what are you going to do?

"You just hope that these people can improve themselves. You pray for them. I feel like I have an obligation as a football player, to my club, to my family, to not react to things like this and to show that the club stands better than that, that I was raised better than to respond to such ridiculous behaviour.

"You would hope that we as humanity can grow from these kind of times but it's still alive, racism. All we can do is try to educate ourselves, and try to raise young kids to be better than that."
THAT'S HOW YOU REACT TO RACISTS! Jozy is one of my favorite American soccer players and now one of my favorite sports figures. You don't entertain this kind of crap just like I don't entertain my 4 year old's tantrums.

Yet the European solution machine is in full voice on how to stop racism, exemplified here by New York Red Bulls former French great Theirry Henry(pronounced On-ree):
HARRISON, N.J. -- Thierry Henry wants soccer officials to deduct points in the standings from teams whose fans racially abuse players.
Now to be fair Henry is not stating that as an absolute but many in Europe are. They desire that the teams of the fans should be punished through points deductions if their fans make monkey chants. This leads to an obvious conclusion to those who can think, generally non-liberals. One can easily purchase a ticket to any soccer match and if your team is in a tight race against your rival then all you and your mates need do is buy tickets to your rival's game and whenever the opposing black players touch the ball make monkey chants. Your rival will be punished for your behavior and your team reaps the benefit. See how that works? See the unintended consequences?

As a huge Arsenal fan can anyone get me some tickets to a Tottenham Hotspurs game?!? Also any recommendations for which monkey, chimp or baboon I should try to emulate? Arsenal has to finish ahead of Spurs this year! I'll do whatever it takes..........


Dean said...

Deducting points for racist behaviour? What a fantastically horrible idea. Give me an operational definition of a "racist chant". Will there be a panel of judges at the matches to determine if the chanting is racist and will more points be deducted depending upon the volume and duration of said racist chanting?

These are just a couple of questions that need to be answered before moving forward.

Negocios Loucos said...
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Negocios Loucos said...

Yeah you bring up a good point. I find it comical that howling like a monkey at a soccer game when a black player touches the ball is literally a crime. See this article here regarding a Chelsea supporter: here.

I believe that we should be able to say anything so I think it's ridiculous. I found it even more ridiculous when I went to my first Arsenal game last April against lowly Wigan. Wigan are a bad team but were beat Arsenal. In the final 15 minutes of the game I was really uncomfortable because the tension and blood thirsty anger of the fans around me was scary. I have never heard as many 'f'cking, c'nts, whores spoken as much as that game. Had I taken my boy we would have left because it was insane.

So it's ok to scream out that you want to shove something into the coach's mother's something, that's fine, but make a monkey sounds and the cops get involved. Stupid.

The general behavior and maturity of the fans is the problem.

And I live in the Bay Area and have been to an Oakland football game. Sorry Raider fans, you guys are amateurs.

K T Cat said...

What Negocios Loucos said.

Nailed it

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