Greenspan's Body Count: Parima Parineh

Today's episode of Greenspan's Body Count comes from the uber-rich Bay Area community of Woodside. When I say uber-rich, I mean sick uber-rich. We're talking billionaires. I think Charles Schwab and Ken Fisher live there. Probably Larry Ellison too. It's down the peninsula from San Francisco, so convenient for both Frisco banksters and Silicon Valley CEOs.

But garden-variety eight-figure multi-millionaires live there too. And it is on one of these lesser rich that the wrath of Alan Greenspan descended:
A Woodside man on the brink of financial ruin shot his artist wife twice in the head and staged the bloody bedroom of their mansion to look like a suicide to make good on more than $30 million in life insurance policies that wiped away his debt, according to jurors who found him guilty of first-degree murder for financial gain.
And check out this earlier attempt:
After she survived overdosing on pills in March 2010, Parima Parineh reportedly expressed surprise her husband was still alive, which Finigan said showed she thought the couple had a suicide pact. Peter Parineh later told his son he “missed out” on $30 million dollars. On the stand, Parineh said the comment was meant as sarcasm.
"Hey, honey! Let's both kill ourselves. Tell you what, you go first!"

The financial troubles:
The Parineh family had five properties in foreclosure, a commercial building that had been taken over for lack of payment and its estate once worth tens of millions of dollars had all but disappeared.
Greenspan's Body Count stands at 245.

P.S. If you're going to try to make it look like a suicide, don't shoot her twice in the head.

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