Where have you gone, James DiMaggio?

San Diegans were awakened in the middle of the night last night by their iPhones for an "Amber Alert," which is a government notification system for kidnapped children.  The kids had been missing since Sunday, when their mother's body was found in the charred remains of their suspected kidnapper's house, but the geniuses at Amber Alert Central thought it might be fun to delay the alerts to people's phones until late Monday night, when the Alerts overrode even nighttime Do Not Disturb settings.

San Diegans quickly learned how to disable Amber Alerts on their iPhones (Settings -> Notifications -> AMBER Alerts).

While media are focusing on suspect James DiMaggio's "crush" on one of the missing children, it turns out there's also a Greenspan's Body Count angle to the story:
Angelina Amati said the family called DiMaggio "Uncle Jim," and added that she believed DiMaggio was depressed because he was about to lose his home.
DiMaggio bought his house in remote Boulevard, California in 2009 for $235,000, and its current value according to Zillow is $184,677.


Anonymous said...

It burned down, not worth much of anything now.

W.C. Varones said...

What, you don't want 3 acres of scrub land in BFE?

Happy Super Tuesday!