General Theory of Liberalism hits Obamacare

We've been saying for years in our General Theory of Liberalism that the central theme of all ill-conceived liberal policies is liberals' failure to understand incentive effects.

Now comes WSJ's James Taranto to point out that the only way Obamacare will not collapse is if gullible young people can be persuaded to buy overpriced insurance that they don't need and can't afford.
But the success of ObamaCare depends on enrolling large numbers of young people while making insurance both more costly and less necessary for them. One can argue that buying insurance is a rational choice, but any way you slice it, that argument will be weaker under ObamaCare than it was before.
Incentives, people, incentives!


Doo Doo Econ said...

But hey they can stay on their parents disappearing health care plans until they are 26...

Independent Accountant said...

I saw this as soon as Obamacare came out, i.e., it had to scam healthy people to pay for the sick.


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