Fast food strike update

Today is a nationwide fast food strike, where workers in minimum-wage jobs demand "living wages." Hint: if you're trying to support a family while still flipping burgers, you're doing it wrong. Fast food jobs are for young people to learn job skills and customer service before acquiring education or other skills that will allow them to get real "living wage" jobs. They're also not bad for senior citizens to stay active and supplement their Social Security.

Our Los Angeles correspondent I.P. Freely will be reporting live throughout the day from McDonald's restaurants.

5:51 AM: 
Report: Meal number 1: no picket lines at first Mcdonalds at 5:30 a.m. Oh wait... that's cuz they're f'ing lazy!
Food: delicious

11:59 AM: 
Report: Meal number 2: Not a picketer in sight. I counted 14 employees working diligently behind the counter, of which I could see. This McDonald's is in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and probably has more lunch time volume than 90% of all McDonalds.
But the picket lines seems to have overlooked this one. I will try another later today. Service: extremely fast and efficient, even considering the size of the order when I bought for my entire office. Food: scrumptious

4:11 PM:
Report: Snack
Now, I'm not sure of the wages earned by people at Starbucks or Wetzel's Pretzels, but I assume you can classify them as fast food. All employees working there. No picket lines at the hub of transportation for Los Angeles, Union Station.
Food: Tasty

5:42 PM:
Report: Now in LA, when you go buy somewhere and shoot, it's called a "drive by," which I did for this McDonald's looking for picketers.... Disappointed, I saw none.

8:49 PM:
Report: Last and final fast food joint today. I did not get to see any protesters all day. I would have thought it would have been a little more difficult to enjoy the convenience of a quick, cheap bite to eat today specifically, according to the MSM. But no, a normal day. I have been satisfied gastronomically and I still have a good bit of funds in my wallet for an adult beverage served to me by someone smart enough to realize they are in an entry level job working their way through school, served to me well enough to earn an extra large tip for their enthusiasm. This is IP Freely reporting from the greater LA area.


Anonymous said...

my mcmuffin was delicious.

no protesters.

K T Cat said...

This is clearly a false blog post. The media reported all about this strike. Are you trying to tell me that they burned precious airtime minutes on something that was essentially meaningless? That's impossible!


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