What I saw at the San Diego Ted Cruz rally

Outside the convention hall, there were a handful of protesters.  Some of them apparently Trumpkins.

... others garden variety leftists.

The crowd was huge.  Tickets were free but obtained by RSVP on Eventbrite.  The initial lot had sold out almost immediately, so a larger space was reserved but their still ended up being a wait list.  This is the line for ticket holders.

Speaking to people in line, many seemed to be curious and open to Cruz but by no means hardcore partisans.

It looked like everyone on the wait list was able to get in, though the room was close to capacity at about 2000 people.

After a few local GOPers gave speeches, Cruz came on.  Good speech, emphasized his campaign message of Jobs, Freedom, Security.  Nods to Reagan coalition, blue collar, young people.  Thankfully light on the religious stuff.  Then talked about the primary: Trump's sore loser whining in Colorado, Cruz's recent string of victories, Nate Silver predicting 61% chance Cruz wins nomination, California likely to be deciding factor.

The crowd grew more enthusiastic as the speech went on.  At one point, some protesters made a ruckus out in the foyer, but inside it was impossible to hear what they were saying. I'm not sure whether they were Berners or Trumpkins or Purple People Beaters, but the crowd drowned them out with a loud chant of "Ted Cruz!  Ted Cruz!"

I think this guy is your nominee, probably with Carly Fiorina as his running mate.  As for beating Hillary, the media, and the Free Sh!# Army, that's a bigger challenge.


Anonymous said…
That line is nowhere near 2000. Nice try.
Anonymous said…
What a pathetic showing for a free event. Almost filled to capacity? LOL. I've seen lines bigger than this waiting to see a Star Wars movie! Luz with Cruz!
Benefit of Carly is that she's a rare pick who won't outshine him in terms of likeability.
Benefit of Carly is that she's a rare pick who won't outshine him in terms of likeability.