Why don't wild animals smell as bad as hippies?

Mrs. Varones and I were sitting around the pub in Sydney this evening with our good friend Helen when we stumbled upon an apparently insoluble enigma:

Why don't wild animals smell as bad as hippies?

You know what I'm talking about. That rank body smell of the unwashed. But many wild animals don't wash, so why don't they smell as bad as hippies?

One proposal was that wild animals washed themselves, as cats lick themselves clean. This doesn't explain coyotes and wolves, though, which don't lick themselves clean.

A possible explanation for the canine family smelling better than hippies is that canines sweat through their tongue and nose, so don't build up the stench that hippies create sweating through armpits and other pores. This seems quite plausible.

Other explanations for why wild animals don't smell as bad as hippies are quite welcome. Please post them in the comments section.

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