Carlos Mencia: fraud, hack, and thief

This has been rolling around the internet for a few weeks, but it's noteworthy enough to relay here: "Carlos" Mencia, famed and beloved Mexican comedian, and star of Comedy Central's "Mind of Mencia," is in fact a prolific thief of material, and isn't even quite the Mexican you think he is. (In reality, he's a half-German, half-Honduran named Ned.)

Now, a number of comics are speaking out against this filth.

First, see an example of the thievery here....then check out the stunning onstage backlash.

Incidentally, I did standup at small clubs in L.A. a few years back, and Ari, the Jewish guy in the second video, did some of the same shows. From my experience, he worked his tail off, and consistently showed up with smart, original material. You can well understand his indignation, when Mencia makes millions ripping off other artists' work.

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