Varones voters' guide to the California ballot

Here are my thoughts on next Tuesday's ballot. Please feel free to correct me if you disagree.

Republican Presidential nominee: Ron Paul. McVain will win this, so you might as well vote your conscience.

Democratic Presidential nominee: Barack Hussein Obama. Further left than Hillary, but not as corrupt or vindictive.

Prop 91: Yes. Fuel taxes are for transportation improvements, not for politicians to waste in the general fund.

Prop 92: No. Community college students already get an incredible deal. They don't need a constitutionally mandated piece of the state budget.

Prop 93: No!!! This is a scam, masquerading as term limits, that would actually extend the terms of heinous legislators like Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and Senate President Don Perata. These guys are term limited out this year, so they put this initiative on the ballot to extend their terms. If you vote Yes, you're an idiot. However, most of California's voters are idiots (see the 2005 redistricting vote), so this might pass.

Props 94-97: Expanding Indian gambling. A responsible person might support these measures, as they allow tribes to become more self-sufficient while also providing big revenues to the state, but I'm an asshole. I want to see California mired in the stinkhole of debt that Schwarzenegger has created. I'm voting No.

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