Buy Nothing Day

Happy Buy Nothing Day, everybody!

Buy Nothing Day is the brainchild of Adbusters, who recently found infamy as the inventors of the filth-drug-and-rapefest known as the Occupy movement.

Since the WCV signed on to BND in 2008, the message has become not just anti-consumerism, but anti-capitalism.  The Adbusters, perhaps emboldened by the re-election of Barack Obama, are now open about their intent to smash capitalism.  I obviously don't agree with that, but I'll hold on to the anti-consumerism angle. What capitalism needs is savings and investment, not debt-fueled consumption.

Buy nothing today.  Really.  You don't need that sh!t.

UPDATE:  You're not going to listen? You're going to run with the cows? JDA covers the sick phenomenon of Black Friday in gory detail.

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Even Nothing is Something said...

I went to Amazon and bought nothing... it cost me a little under five bucks...

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