Obama regime throws shutdown temper tantrum, takes down agency web sites

This is just pathetic.

They actually paid someone to take down the FCC web site and put up a childish temper tantrum page just to make sure that everyone knows that somebody somewhere is horribly inconvenienced by the shutdown?

WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! We're taking our web site and going home! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!


K T Cat said...


Zeke said...

Good riddance, bunch of leeches.

Alleged Druggie said...

It's too bad the FBI/NSA weren't shut down, and continued their jackbooted operations with the shuttering of The Silk Road this week. Disgusting. Millions of dollars wasted and almost 3 years spent to arrest a single 29-year-old hippie. Oh well, they've shot themselves in the foot again, as new dark-web Tor sites are already purportedly doing brisk business. And the second-generation sites will learn from the Silk Road's mistakes, as detailed in the indictment against "Dread Pirate Roberts".

Of note, both the FBI and NSA public websites are displaying similar notices about their websites not being updated due to the shutdown.

Happy Super Tuesday!