Greenspan goes to China

The plague of Alan Greenspan's debt-based consumption has spread to all corners of the earth:
A 32-year-old labor contractor in Fuzhou, Fujian province attempted suicide after he racked up 110,000 yuan in credit card debts to 'make himself look rich' in front of his family members over the Spring Festival, Strait Metropolis Daily reported this weekend.

The man, surnamed Yang, decided to take advances from his four credit cards so that he would look good in front of his family and friends when he saw them over the Lunar New Year holiday, according to ECNS.com.

Yang spent most of the money on gambling with his friends and spent the rest on gifts for his family members. He said he didn't realize how much he was spending until after the holiday when he received a message from the bank.

The man, unable to borrow more money, knew he couldn't afford to pay the debt and felt so helpless that he chose to commit suicide.

On Friday morning, he jumped into a river in Fuzhou, but was saved by an older man who was swimming in the river.

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