LA Times' Nicole Santa Cruz: Hey everybody, white people committed a crime!

Have you ever seen a reporter go so far out of her way to point out the race of arrested criminal suspects?

It's one thing to use race as part of a description in order for the public to help police catch an at-large suspect. Even then political correctness often prescribes against noting that a suspect is black or Hispanic. But with the suspects already identified and arrested, what possible point is there in emphasizing their race three times?

A crazy homeless guy stabbed a tourist who refused him a dollar.  Why make this into a race thing?

Check out the giant racist chip on the shoulder of Nicole Santa Cruz. And where the heck are her editors?

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Doo Doo Econ said...

How many people are aware that the "teenage stowaway" from the Jet liner is Muslim?


It doesn't appear in the headline of any top story in google.

For all we know this was a test run for terrorist attack. Except, it wasn't reported that way.

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