In defense of The Jungle Book

KT Cat writes of the new Jungle Book moral:
Pray to the nature gods, children. Beg forgiveness for the sins of your white, patriarchal ancestors who are destroying the Earth. Repent and discard the evil, rapacious ways of the past or face the desert hell of Global Warming Climate Change Species Extinction whatever we can throw at you to show you images of damnation created by the encroachment of Western Man onto the primitive Eden of nature.
I went to see the Jungle Book with a young Disney shareholder and quite enjoyed it.  I don't think you have to be a leftist or anti-capitalist to be concerned with man's impact on natural ecosystems.  The lore of elephants as creator-gods was similar to cultural beliefs of primitive people around the world, and I didn't find it offensive.

But go check out Disney's other current hit, Zootopia.  The villains are government agents who use murder and deceit to turn the people against each other and maintain power.  Now that's a message kids need to hear!

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