San Diego County's idiot health department says it will vaccinate children before middle-aged adults

Without government, who would hire the incompetent people?

San Diego County Health web site:

It's anyone's guess where the incompetence lies: the people establishing the vaccination phases or the people posting them on the web site.


Anonymous said...

It's not approved yet for under 16. Sounds like a trial with the lucky San Diego children as the subjects!

K T Cat said...

I think you might be reading this wrong. The older folks are in group 1C and the kids are in group 2.

tim eisele said...

For that matter, kids (and teenagers to only a slightly lesser extent) are little plague vectors even at the best of times, coughing and sneezing and drooling and spreading their nasal fluids over every available surface. Vaccinating the kids to keep them from spreading the plague, will arguably have more effect than just vaccinating their potential victims.

WC Varones said...


Yes, but where are the 30-65s?

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