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John from Blogenlust asks,

What, no thoughts on Kerry's records release?

Although, I noticed you took the counter down.

It's really quite strange that he didn't release them
sooner, what with all the discrediting of the Swift Boat shit

Maybe it was his bad grades...

I've been traveling and haven't kept up with the story. I'll have to read up more on the alleged discrediting of the Swifties.

However, I would tend to agree with Kaus's thoughts from a few months ago: the record better be damning or Kerry's an idiot for withholding it during the campaign.

Kaus:Kerry's military records, when fully opened, better show something at least mildly embarrassing! If they're completely innocuous, why couldn't Kerry have signed Form 180 a year agoand cleared up many of the rumors that helped sink his candidacy (and his party)?"

Before we celebrate the exoneration, however, PoliPundit and others (Powerline) ask whether this is a full release of the records, and based on some of the language from the parties involved, it may not be.

And it's a bit amusing to see that after all the bluster about the "chimp" or "idiot" president, that the sophisticated, French-speaking alternative was even dumber.

And if the Swifties have truly been discredited, why is there no discussion of it on Blogenlust?

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