Universal healthcare is neat

...or maybe it isn't.

The head of the Canadian Medical Association wants Ottawa to carefully examine the prospect of expanding private health care in this country.

"When it comes to health care in Canada, private health is not some bogey man to be trotted during an election campaign,'' Dr. Albert Schumacher told a meeting
Saturday of the B.C. Medical Association in Vancouver.

"We need a real debate on the role it has played, the role it continues to play and will play in our system to advance the health of all Canadians.''

Schumacher was speaking in the wake of a Supreme Court of Canada ruling on Thursday that narrowly struck down a Quebec law which banned private insurance for services deemed medically necessary.


... Dr. Chantal Ducasse, a doctor in private practice said: "In the public system, I had to see 50 patients in six hours. It's not human. We don't do that with animals. We shouldn't be doing that with human beings."

HT: Alarming News.

UPDATE: OpinionJournal jumps in.

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