San Francisco War Protest

It was a beautiful day in San Francisco, so I took a walk down to the anti-war rally in the Civic Center.

The Communist Workers Organization is against the war? Who would have thought?

The "Freedom Socialist Party"? How's that for an oxymoron?

Now I get it. Bush is just a symptom. Capitalism is the disease!

Just because they are ex-cons with third-grade educations doesn't mean they can't contribute valuable foreign policy insights.

Socialists and communists are a dime a dozen. But you know you're at a real left-wing rally when the teachers' unions show up.

One third-floor resident offers his opinion of the protest.

Religious Leprechauns against the War

Those are a few of my photos -- but I'm an amateur. Take a look at Zombietime's pics -- he's been doing this for a while and it shows!

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Anonymous said...

W.C. -- nice pix. I went to the rally too and I'm in the middle of putting together my own photo essay -- you can see what I've got so far here:

Eventually, once I've finish uploading all my pix, I'm going to try to add a series of links to other coverage of the event -- and I'll add a link to your photos!

-- zombie

Happy Super Tuesday!