Greenspan's body count

We gave you a couple anecdotes.

Is it showing up in the statistics?

Study shows increase of suicides among 45- to 54-year-olds:

Dr. Sasha Federer, a clinical psychologist at Carolinas Hospital System, said he doesn’t see many suicides among middle-aged adults in their emergency room. “We see a lot of younger folks and some teenagers,” Federer said. “(The few) people we see who are middle aged are just mentally ill.”

He said one possible reason for the increase could be the amount of pressure because of recent financial crises, such as the home mortgage situation.

“Economically people have not been doing as well as they have before,” Federer said. But he said he has no direct knowledge of what would cause a person from that age group to commit suicide.

“One can only speculate,” he said. “But there have been (financial) trends that have been going on for a while and maybe a person can only be stretched so far.”
And that study goes only through 2004, long before the housing downturn. Wait until you see the 2008 figures, with the Greenspan mortgage crisis in full swing.