MBAs: the new Realtors?

You know how the last few years you couldn't hork a loogie without hitting a Realtor? It's beginning to be like that with MBAs. Everyone I meet lately either has, or is getting, an MBA. And not just in my industry-- guys at the YMCA, old high school friends, my cleaning lady.

As a recovering MBA myself, I'm in no position to criticize. I had a great time in my program. But the flood of night school MBAs from diploma mills does not bode well for the value added to a resume.

In a traditional MBA program, you're not really paying for the course content. You're paying for a lifetime network of powerful friends from a top school, and entry into a top banking or consulting firm. Lesser MBAs give you the same fluffy course content, but none of the important stuff.

Want to go back to school? Study something useful instead.