Andrew Lahde's farewell letter

If you haven't read Andrew Lahde's farewell letter, read it here. He's right about a lot of things: the complete corruption of Congress, the hereditary caste system in the Ivy Leagues and the financial and governmental establishment, the incompetence and unworthiness of the beneficiaries of that caste system, and the need for a complete revamp of our governmental system.

Lahde is wrong about one thing, though, when he says, "I do not understand the legacy thing. Nearly everyone will be forgotten. Give up on leaving your mark." To the contrary, a single moment of brilliance can leave a permanent legacy. Exhibit one: Gerard Finneran. Andrew Lahde is still a young man. He has plenty of time to find his inner Finneran. And when he does, the W.C. Varones Blog will be here to salute him.

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