Dick Fuld Attacked

This is absolutely unacceptable! Dick Fuld was apparently ATTACKED, nah physically assaulted at the Lehman gym after they had announced their bankruptcy. This is unacceptable.

What would have been even more unacceptable is if Dick had been stabbed or worse shot. It is the not the fault of the CEO, who made hundreds of millions of dollars, that the company failed. IT’S THE SHORT SELLERS but that’s a different posting entirely.

Now I truly do not want this posting to encourage any employees or investors who have had their entire retirement savings wiped out, who are now unable to pay for their mortgage or food for their family, to rise up and take this matter into their own hands. People like Mozilo and Fuld deserve to be served like kings. They are true American heroes.

So people, if you see Mozilo, Fuld, or any of the other heroes of America in the gym, don’t assault them; bow to them. You are not worthy and thanks for picking up the bill....now go eat cake.

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