USA To Be No More

In 1994 a professor of mine in the Urban Planning department of the University of Illinois predicted that the United States would break up and go the way of state alliances because of the irresponsible spending and absurd centralization of our government. He presented a very compelling argument and books were being written back then to suggest the end is near.

The Drudge Report posted this article quoting a Russian professor named Igor Panarin. He predicts the country is going to dissolve and has been arguing that since 1998.

Asked why he expected the U.S. to break up into separate parts, he said: "A whole range of reasons. Firstly, the financial problems in the U.S. will get worse. Millions of citizens there have lost their savings. Prices and unemployment are on the rise. General Motors and Ford are on the verge of collapse, and this means that whole cities will be left without work. Governors are already insistently demanding money from the federal center. Dissatisfaction is growing, and at the moment it is only being held back by the elections and the hope that Obama can work miracles. But by spring, it will be clear that there are no miracles."

I agree with both professors and have always envisioned a Western Country made up of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Idaho. (Utah is obviously going to be its own country, by the way, and finally they will legally be able to eliminate all of the non-Mormons. To keep this aside going, is it me or is it just creepy that geographically speaking Serbia and Utah are so similar.)

Anyway, I think it will be very interesting. I was on board with the argument from Panarin until I got to this paragraph. WTF?!?

He predicted that the U.S. will break up into six parts - the Pacific coast, with its growing Chinese population; the South, with its Hispanics; Texas, where independence movements are on the rise; the Atlantic coast, with its distinct and separate mentality; five of the poorer central states with their large Native American populations; and the northern states, where the influence from Canada is strong.

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