Threat to democracy: the press is an arm of the Obama regime

This is a subject I've been meaning to write about, but have not had the time to give its due.  Fortunately, SLOB friend Leslie Eastman does an excellent job saying what needs to be said.

Democracy cannot survive without an honest and independent press. America has lost that free and independent press as reporters have become, nearly unanimously, Obama sycophants.

We have a record number of Americans on food stamps, a plummeting labor force as the hopeless give up looking for work, skyrocketing gas prices, serial trillion-dollar deficits, and foreign policy disasters in Africa. Under any prior President, or with even the veneer of an honest press, this would all be constant, front-page news and the President would be polling in the 30's.

The press decides elections by deciding what news the people get.

Please click on over to Temple of Mut for the whole story.

Here's Democrat and former Jimmy Carter aide Pat Caddell explaining.

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