Obama team sees political gain from North Africa unrest and murder of Americans

Never mind that Obama bombed women and children to help install the current chaotic, radical Islamic regimes, or how his administration left Americans with minimal defenses in a country full of crazies, or how he's floundering in his response to the murders. Obama advisors see political gain from the disaster. They may be right. His Intrade odds are up even though he's down three points in Rasmussen.
Apparently, Americans rally around the President when America is attacked overseas.
How did that work for Jimmy Carter, who was also an effete America apologizer who presided over a bad economy and high gas prices. Did voters rally around him when he did that whole crash-the-helicopters-in-the-desert thing?
At least Jimmy Carter didn't do a glitzy campaign party with Jay Z and Beyonce during the Iranian hostage crisis.

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Negocios Loucos said...

Human live matters not to these people. Death in the name of political gain is always on the cards. We'll just send those poor saps that think the Army commercials during the NFL games are FCKING AWESOME to get blown up, or kill themselves, to battle the foes we created. Dictatorship is a messy business, you have to understand that.

Happy Super Tuesday!