Is Colin Powell an idiot?

"Republican" Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama.

Powell voted for Obama in 2008. Lots of Republicans and moderates did. Obama offered a message of hope, change, post-racialism, and post-partisanship. Lots of people fell for it.  And John McCain was an execrable, free-speech-hating, bank-bailout-pushing, grumpy old man.

But now? After seeing the reality of Obama, an extreme leftist ideologue whose record on both the economy and foreign policy is an unmitigated disaster? How can a "Republican" vote for Obama over the ultimate mainstream moderate, Mitt Romney?


Negocios Loucos said...

Wait is this the same Colon Powell that lied to the world regarding Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction???

Good for Romney....

Anonymous said...

Whoopee, another lifetime bureaucratic chameleon who get's promoted to General without ever having fired a gun in combat. He's not a leader; he's a weather vane. I think Colin has been taking his wife's meds too long.

Kenny Bing said...

Maybe he's hoping for a free phone and for someone to pay his mortgage and gas bills.

Independent Accountant said...

An affirmative action general voted for an affirmative action president.


Doo Doo Econ said...

At one time I thought Powell was an exceptional American, and then he opened his mouth.

Zeke said...

Another name-calling circle jerk. Good work, men.

Powell was a brake on the Bush administration's rush to Iraq, and the party machine buried him for it.

I assume you would all prefer the negro who carries his boss's water quietly.

Unknown said...

Mr. Powell was a great leader of men and women as a military commander and should have retired as such. By delving into the political arena, he's tarnished a previous stellar record, and embarrassed himself. Once thought the world of this man.....now, sad.

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