Libertarian charities

As you're doing your year-end giving, please remember these organizations which are performing a heroic effort in pulling us back from a centrally planned economy and police state.

- Reason Foundation
- Institute for Justice
- Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
- Cato Institute
- Ludwig von Mises Institute

Am I missing any? Let me know & I'll contribute.

If you've been following the WCV blog for long, you've no doubt got some highly appreciated GLD ETF.  Now that we know better and only want physical gold, why not use some of that GLD to set up a donor-advised fund?  You save the capital gains tax and get a deduction for the full market value.


K T Cat said...

How about Catholic Charities? Much of our hierarchy is very late to the fight, but believe me, they've got religion now.


Negocios Loucos said...

What kind of programs do Catholic Charities have to help out those, who while children, were sexually molested by Catholic priests?

Anonymous said...

Well, gee... If we're going to ask questions like that, then we should also ask about programs public schools have created to help the hundreds (or thousands) of students who are molested by their teachers every single year.

Robin said...

I'm a little suspect of the Cato Institute, I believe they have gone "main-stream." How about including Advocates for Smaller Government instead? They came up w/ the 'World's Smallest Political quiz.'

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