Will Chuckie Schumer demand Tina Turner pay his Reich Flight Tax?

Last year, news of Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin's forfeiting his U.S. citizenship caused Chuckie Schumer to propose a Reich Flight Tax to confiscate the assets of wealthy Americans trying to change citizenship. The proposal was similar to the Nazi Reichsfluchsteuer imposed on Jews escaping Hitler's Germany. Schumer even got Vichy Republican John Boehner to agree with the idea.

So where is Chuckie's outrage now that Tina Turner is giving up her citizenship in favor of Switzerland? Afraid to pick a fight with a pop icon?

The U.S. remains the only developed nation to tax its citizens' income even when they no longer live or work in the country.


Doo Doo Econ said...

How do you abbreviate National Socialist Party?

Anonymous said...

America’s Founders are rolling in their graves over the arrogant hypocrisy of Chuckie boy Schumer, Carl Lenin, Charlie "tax cheat" Rangel and others in Congress.

America would not exist if great men such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, John Hancock, Paul Revere, John and Sam Adams etc. bowed to British Tyranny and forked over taxes to London with no representation in British Parliament.

The politicians in the city bearing George Washington’s name are a disgrace taxing Americans living abroad who have NO REPRESENTATION in US Congress and receive no public benefits from the Homeland. Americans abroad don’t use US roads, bridges, dams, power grid, fire, police, courts, hospitals, schools etc. They don’t have access to unemployment benefits or Medicare.

The politicians in Washington need to go back to elementary school and learn about the main cause of American Revolution — taxing EXPATS who have no representation in the legislature.

Citizenship-based taxation, FATCA, FuBAR, Exit Tax and all the other repressive legislation coming out of Congress affecting American EXPATS will result in one thing — a tidal wave of Renunciations of US Citizenship. Tina Turner is one of many in line to jettison their passports.

The renunciations will be ignored at first, but before long, become a major source of embarrassment and rightly compared to East Germans climbing over the Berlin Wall.

For more insight into the injustices levied upon Americans living abroad see the Isaac Brock Society website.

K T Cat said...

Dude. I came over here from B-Daddy's when I saw the title of the post. I figured it had to do with some infantile Robert Reich idea. Instead, it's a Peronist / fascist idea that you just know has to be coming.


If I flee to Brazil and have to pay my Reich Flight Tax, will they at least fly me out of the country in an HE-111? If I recall, those creates were used as passenger / mail carriers before they were used to drop bombs on England.

K T Cat said...


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