Greenspan's Body Count: Roger Wagner, Carolyn Wagner, John Conrad Wagner

This is not the first student debt case on Greenspan's Body Count. There was Thomas J. Fuchs, Jason Yoder, and Otis Beckford. But today's episode of Greenspan's Body Count combines student debt with patricide for financial gain a la Ernest Scheringer.

Meet John Conrad Wagner, a heavily indebted and underemployed lawyer, who was found dead in his Philadelphia home after apparently shooting his mother to death over Christmas in her Florida home.

Oh, and that father-son hiking trip in 2011 where his father "fell" off a cliff... yeah, that's suddenly looking a little suspicious.

"We'll never know his motive," said Marion County Sheriff's Capt. Robert Sandlin. "What is our opinion? Financial. He had a lot of student loans that were outstanding."

A little friendly advice from W.C. to parents of student debtors: put a murder clause in your will where if you die in suspicious circumstances, the kid gets nothing. And make sure the kid knows about the clause.

Greenspan's Body Count stands at 242.

HT: Above the Law.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure there are already laws which prohibit murderers from collecting from the estate of their victim(s)...

W.C. Varones said...

Yes, but Wagner and Scherer apparently thought they could get away with it.

Wagner did apparently get away with it in the case of the dad.

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