Trump FAIL: Trump-endorsed Congresswoman Renee Ellmers loses by 30 points

North Carolina State Board of Elections:

Still time to dump the "Embarrassing Loser" before he does this to the entire party?  Ace thinks so.


pithom said...

Trump is a winner, not a loser. Did you predict his ultimate triumph in the GOP nomination? We do know Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are born losers.

WC Varones said...

Down by 12 to Crooked Hillary in the latest poll.

He may be the biggest LOSER of all time!

pithom said...

You're using his phrasing. That's a sign he's winning.

"Down by 12 to Crooked Hillary in the latest poll."

-Do you have no respect for your intelligence? That's 1 point up from the last Bloomberg poll. And you're not answering my question. Did you predict Trump's ultimate triumph in the GOP nomination?

WC Varones said...

Nope, didn't predict it. Really thought the Republicans wouldn't be so stupid to nominate such an unelectable ignoramus.

pithom said...

Maybe the voters are "so stupid" as to elect such an "unelectable" ignoramus.

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