World-class comedienne

Barbra Streisand is an entertainer without peer -- unintentionally, though. She is the William Hung of political discourse. In her latest published mental spasm, she declares, "The idea of a liberal media bias is simply a myth... Frankly, the idea that the media is sympathetic to conservative causes rather than liberal ones is obvious, for reasons of ownership, economics, and outside pressure."

As for little counter-examples like RatherGate, "As we have known for years, the details of Bush's service record offered in the story were true... although the document presented in the piece is in question." So if the left-wing anchor presents blatantly forged documents obtained by his left-wing producer from a partisan political operative, and defends these documents for a week in the face of overwhelming evidence that they are forged, that's not media bias, it's a case of "real journalists who objectively present the news in order to allow the audience to make up their own minds."

RatherGate is just anecdotal evidence of media bias though. For a thoughtful, clear and convincing analysis of media bias, look to this academic study. Incidentally, CBS News ranks rather biased in the study.

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