CIA: Osama bin Who?

Last week, I wrote a post mocking Osama bin Laden as a decrepit jackass cowering in a cave. My point was that he's been reduced from inflicting mass casualties on America to issuing periodic rants on video- or audio-tape. The very fact that he has to put out videos to make headlines is proof of his impotence. Kudos to the U.S. military for keeping bin Laden cowering in a remote cave with only goats for companionship. Kudos also to the Bush Administration for preventing any additional terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11 (New York Times' efforts notwithstanding).

Bin Laden is now largely irrelevant. Al-Qaeda is still a significant threat, but it will remain so with or without bin Laden. It is decentralized, and does not require communication or organization from bin Laden to function. As for funding, bin Laden is not al-Qaeda's only source, and whatever resources he still controls will be passed to his associates when he dies.

Yesterday, we received news that the CIA agrees with me.

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