Voinovich OKs Bolton; refuses to apologize

Crying George Voinovich has an op-ed in the Washington Post reversing his position on John Bolton. After paragraph after grudging paragaph of reiterating why he cried in the first place, he gets to the point:

Should the president send his renomination to the Senate, I will vote to confirm him, and I call on my Democratic colleagues to keep in mind the current situation in the Middle East and the rest of the world should the Senate have an opportunity to vote. I do not believe the United States, at this dangerous time, can afford to have a U.N. ambassador who does not have Congress's full support.

For the good of our country, the United Nations and the free world, we must end any ambiguity about whether John Bolton speaks for the United States so that he can work to support our interests at the United Nations during this critical time.

Pathetic. He issued neither an acknowledgment that he made a complete jackass of himself nor an apology. Just "To my great surprise, Bolton is playing nicely with others."

He owes Bush, Bolton, and the country an apology.

On the plus side, Voinovich has a new campaign logo:

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