If Employment Were My Thing...

...I'd sign up to be a copy editor at the Wall Street Journal. These are probably the brightest people on earth who still completely botch grammar, spelling and semicolon usage.

The op-eds can almost be counted on for two or three flubs a day. Yesterday, a column on Tom Cruise alternated between "morals clause" and "moral clauses"; today we learn that "Mr. Cruise's talent managers at CAA are threatening to withhold their clients, who include Brad Pitt Steven and Spielberg."

I bring this up because the Journal is otherwise the finest paper in the land. I understand deadline pressure. But it's still frustrating to have these sanctimonious Ivy Leaguers talk about "people who spend too much time in front of their computer."

What is it--their big collective computer? How about "their computers," or even "the computer"?

Some time ago I noticed a ridiculous typo in a letter from Eliot Spitzer. I assumed the Journal left it unfixed to spite Mr. Spitzer; these days I'm inclined to think it's just plain laziness...

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