If there were no laws, there would be no criminals

Who would have thought? Just months after taking power in Italy, the new government has a solution to prison overcrowding: let the prisoners run free!
But as a stream of released prisoners began heading straight back into the cells - one for attempting to strangle his former wife, others for attempted robbery - Italians began asking themselves if Romano Prodi's government had fully thought the measure through.
Who would have thought?

But that's not to say no one in Italian politics has any sense:
Antonio Mazzocchi, an MP with the right-wing National Alliance, suggested the first 700 prisoners rearrested should be put under house arrest, in the homes of the MPs who had voted in favour of the measure.

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Anonymous said...

You know without laws people would still not put up with being robbed. The deterrents would just be cheaper and more effective. Not only that, people would probably be more careful to respect each other. Usually, contrary to what we think, the law protects the unjust.

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